Baby Shiatsu Workshop

Clinical research has shown that massaging babies can aid in their physiological and neurological development and function, help soothe common discomforts, promote restful sleep for the infants (and in turn the caregivers), and increase healthy attachment and bonding.
In the first workshop I will teach you how to give your baby a general infant massage. After learning this routine you can choose from the other workshops I offer where I will introduce you to the shiatsu points that will help to treat common conditions your baby may be experiencing in their first months.  

Laurie Offers 4 Baby Shiatsu Workshops
- Learn a general baby massage routine.
- Discover the power of shiatsu to treat colic and constipation.
- Learn helpful techniques to improve sleep. 
- Use shiatsu to boost your baby's immune system and treat common colds.                              

Who Can Come?
The workshops are for babies older than 6 weeks of age who are not yet crawling. Classes are private or semi private. 

What to Bring
You will need to bring a mat, towel or blanket to rest your baby on, and baby friendly oil. Diapers and a change of clothes is always good to have on hand.

When are the Workshops?
Workshops are 90 minutes in length and are held during my regular business hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This allows you to choose the time that is best for you and your baby.

How Do I Register?
Contact me by e-mail, phone, or text. 

For private and semi-private workshops:
$132.74 + HST = $150.00